Indie Control Panel: Rules


Approval Of Indie Ragnarok Private Server

1. before registering or making ID you must first read these terms and if you've already agreed we assume you already read with good conditions.

2. You agree to provide true, accurate data, the latest and complete about yourself and make changes to your profile if there is a change. You are responsible for the data that you provide.

3. The Indie RO Staff reserves the right to reject or delete your ID, character name, group name, the name of the guild to be used, if deemed unlawful, offending tribe, race or religion, or pornography and does not comply with the applicable norms in Indonesia

4. If data loss occurs due to the game ID and your Password is known by another party either due to your actions telling your ID and Password to any other person and /or without you know your ID and Password known by others resulting in the loss of existing game data in it; then the process solution is adapted to the legislation in force.

5. Staff/Admin will apply strict sanctions to the player who tried to hack, manipulate data, and other things of a destructive nature.

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