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Halloween Event!!!!
Hi, Indie Mania!!!!!
for celebrate Halloween events. We make several events in this month! 

Donation Event!
in this periode event:
Every your top up will get extra +15% and every multiples 50k IDR will get 2x Hallowen Witch Box!!
Note: minimum donate for get extra bonus is 50k IDR

Event Collecting Halloween Ticket

On this event monster on Niflheim area will drop Halloween Ticket

[Image: 2534df7760a32287fc08d32b80cc62fc.png]

Collected as much as you can and then bring to NPC Witch Doll (At Event Area)
she will exchange 10x Hallowen Ticket = 1x Halloween Witch Box

This is list contains item what you can get when open HWB:
  1. Random Stick Bar
  2. 2x Food Box +20
  3. 1x HE Bubblegum
  4. 5x Speed Potion
  5. 5x Chocholate
  6. 5x Guarana Candy
  7. 5x Seed Of Yggdrasil
  8. 5x Yggdrasil
  9. 10x Old Blue Box
  10. 10x Old Card Album
  11. 10x Old Violet Box
  12. 1x Bless Ore
  13. 1x Bless Weapon
  14. 1x Costume Halloween Ring Bag
    [Image: 5c430cf4da3b38b7cdab4e7ed2dadb7f.gif]
  15. 1x Costume Halloween Hat
    [Image: 5eeb47994360130d66fa2741dcc5d3b3.gif]

Note : Event Periode 11 Oct - 30 Oct 2019

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